Monday , January 22 2018

Watch Man Bet Life Savings on Roulette Spin

People like to say “let it ride.” Well, Ashley Revell lives it.

Revell made one of the boldest bets in gambling history when he travelled to Las Vegas and wagered his entire net worth on roulette. The event was filmed by Britain’s Sky One television for a reality series called “Double or Nothing.”

After selling all of his earthly possessions, Revelle walked into the Plaza Hotel & Casino in 2004 and put all $135,300 on a single spin that lasted about 20 seconds. If the Englishman lost, he’d have $0. If he won, he’d have $270,600.

Revell chose RED. We won’t tell you if he won or lost, but the video is quite fascinting:

A few observations:

  1. You’ll notice casino officials are very deliberate in giving Revell a chance to back out before the wager is placed. In fact, the casino rep (not sure if he’s a pit boss or somebody higher up) makes it clear the casino is not in the habit of letting its patrons wager their life savings.
  2. It might seem that Revell had 50/50 odds on the ball landing in red or black. Not true. Because of the zeroes in the wheel (which are green), he actually had a less than 50% chance to winning. So he was at a disadvantage — by a very slight margin.
  3. When asked which color, Revell steps up the table but doesn’t know if he’ll go red or black. Was he really unsure about which color he was about to choose?

After the event, Revell said it was a “mad thing to do.” But it has inspired others. Mega producer Simon Cowell has said his show Red or Black? was inspired by Revell’s gutsy bet.

Would you ever make such a bet? If so, would you go red or black?

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