Monday , January 22 2018

Sportsbook Bonuses

One of the major sales tactics in the online gambling business is the bonus, where a site gives out a portion of free money in hopes of enticing more customers to use their sportsbook.

However, before you start doing naked cartwheels and praising the benefits of free market competition, you may want to take a few precautionary measures before investing in a sportsbook.

All of these bonuses, and I mean all, come with their own fine print as to what conditions need to be met before they can be awarded or withdrawn. For example, a site may offer an additional 10% on all deposits, but the money you deposit has to be wagered in full before the 10% bonus is eligible. Which makes sense, otherwise people would just deposit and withdraw immediately without even betting. Some sites make you wager the amount fifteen or twenty times before you can even see the bonus. Also beware of sites that don’t award bonuses right away. Anything that requires an email to somebody is already more work than should be required. After all, we use the internet because we’re lazy, and a good sportsbook respects that.

The best sites to use are ones that employ reload bonuses, or specialty bonuses like 5% on Thursday deposits. If you’re planning on gambling for the duration, you want a site that rewards you every time you deposit, not one that gives you 20% the first time and nothing after that.

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