Monday , January 22 2018

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California Gambling: Charitable Gaming

B-I-N-G-O: Charitable gaming a go for Californians Don’t be surprised if you’re walking by a church and hear a minister with a microphone calling out for B3. Bingo, raffles and poker nights as fundraisers are legal in California. While great for participants, it can be more challenging for those trying …

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California Gambling: Lottery

From Scratchers to weekly cash drawings to interstate Powerball, there are many ways to play the lottery in the Golden State. In November 1984, California voters made a sure bet when they overwhelmingly passed Proposition 37, which authorized the establishment of a statewide lottery. The California State Lottery, overseen by …

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How do Indian casinos play craps without dice?

“Yo eleven! Pay the line!” “Acey-deucey!” “Eight! Easy eight! “Little Joe!” “Seven out!” When it comes to gambling action, a craps table is usually the rockin’est, rowdiest, most exciting place to be. Unfortunately, for the longest time, craps tables weren’t permitted in any of California’s legal casino gambling establishments—namely, the …

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California Gambling: Card Rooms

Celebrity sightings. Hang-ten surf spots. Funky food trucks. Seismic scares. Nightmare freeways. California rules the roost on many fronts. The Golden State also rules in another arena: poker. Card rooms serve up a wide range of cash games and tournaments where you can play against fellow competitors — but not …

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