Thursday , February 22 2018

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What is the Moneyline?

When you’ve got the New England Patriots playing the winless Cleveland Browns, most gamblers will bet the farm on the Patriots — if it’s a straight-up bet.  Well, sportsbooks aren’t stupid.  Meet the moneyline, which places certain odds on competing teams (or individuals if it’s boxing) and lets gamblers choose …

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Watch Man Bet Life Savings on Roulette Spin

People like to say “let it ride.” Well, Ashley Revell lives it. Revell made one of the boldest bets in gambling history when he travelled to Las Vegas and wagered his entire net worth on roulette. The event was filmed by Britain’s Sky One television for a reality series called “Double or …

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Powerball Winner Takes Ticket on Helicopter

You’ve just won a mind-blowing $191 million via Powerball. Life is instantly grand. So what do you do? Many people may consider cashing in the winning ticket and becoming multi-millionaires. Others, well, they might absentmindedly go to work (offshore) and take their winning ticket on a helicopter ride. Good thing it …

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How do Indian casinos play craps without dice?

“Yo eleven! Pay the line!” “Acey-deucey!” “Eight! Easy eight! “Little Joe!” “Seven out!” When it comes to gambling action, a craps table is usually the rockin’est, rowdiest, most exciting place to be. Unfortunately, for the longest time, craps tables weren’t permitted in any of California’s legal casino gambling establishments—namely, the …

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California Gambling: Card Rooms

Celebrity sightings. Hang-ten surf spots. Funky food trucks. Seismic scares. Nightmare freeways. California rules the roost on many fronts. The Golden State also rules in another arena: poker. Card rooms serve up a wide range of cash games and tournaments where you can play against fellow competitors — but not …

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California Gambling: Indian Casinos

Styled after the high-end establishments in Las Vegas, Indian casinos are quite popular with Californians. They offer a wide range of gaming options including slot machines, bingo, poker and blackjack. The casinos are all located on self-governing native American land and they certainly offer more legal wagering choices than the …

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