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b spot Review

The Highlights

  • Name: b spot
  • What it is: Fusion Gambling
  • You can play: Casino-style games
  • Legal: Licensed in U.S.
  • Payments: Visa, Mastercard & Direct Checking
  • Where to find: Download on the App Store or Google Play
Grab your phone and bet. Nope, no virtual currency or phony gems here. This is 100% real, legal gambling. Thanks to an ingenious company in Los Angeles, you’ve got a mini casino in your pocket. 

b spot has created fusion gambling, which allows adults 21 and older to wager on live horse races (in the background) and then play casino-style games to quickly reveal cash payouts.

The mobile games platform offers a dozen games and arcade titles. All you need is an up-to-date Apple or Android device, an internet connection and money to wager. You’ll also need your location services turned on so b spot can determine if you’re eligible to play.


b spot is fully licensed and regulated, which means signing up can sometimes take some time. Because of state and federal laws, you’ll need to provide some personal info and verify your identity.

While some players may balk at this, consider it protection for you, the consumer. Remember, this is a real, legit business operation — with headquarters in Los Angeles, Calif. and Player Services in Portland, Oregon — and you should appreciate b spot’s high level of security. While the games are damn fun and the money is real, these guys ain’t screwing around.


b spot is active in California, Colorado, Montana, New York, Oregon and Wyoming. The company says to follow its Facebook page ( for announcements as it expands to more states.


Depending on which device you use and which state you live in, you’ll get a different set of games. However, there are only a couple of variations. Nonetheless, all of them allow the user to play for free — and demo the product — before placing any live bets. It’s a great way to see which games you like prior to putting any money on the line.

Three favorites include Gold Rush, Auntie Up and Money Gunner.

With Gold Rush, you select the amount you want to play and then head to the stream, catching as much gold as you can as you avoid obstacles. Collect three gold nuggets or lose three pans and you’ll be taken to the banker, who determines if you have real money or fool’s gold. During certain games, dependent on those horse races, a bonus round can be triggered, allowing players to collect special gems in the stream for additional cash prizes.

In Auntie Up, the objective is to simply take “Auntie” up by jumping as high as you can, tilting your device to help the character leap off of yoga mats and yoga balls. In the free game, you can grab a lotus flower for a points boost. In the real money game, you collect stacks of cold, hard cash.

Money Gunner is an intensely fast-paced, exciting shooting game where you’re constantly shooting at shapes to stay alive. When you wager money on this game, the goal is to shoot the green shapes that reveal money or power ups. As always, b spot notes in the game’s “How to Play” section: “Whether you win real money, and how much, is not affected in any way by your level of skill, in-game events, triggers, or PowerUps.”

Each game has a similar disclaimer of some kind that reminds players that live horse races solely determine payouts.

b spot’s games rival the thrill of many other casino-style games and any other type of mobile games for that matter. I was still playing free games well after I’d run out of the $20 I initially wagered.


The app itself is extremely easy to set up and use. After you’re approved for a Cash Account, simply link your bank account (it’s free to link your account), deposit funds and wager. b spot keeps meticulous records of your FDIC-insured deposits, wagers placed and payouts under the helpful “Cash History” tab in your balances. You can withdraw the money at any point by emailing customer support at


The company also accepts Visa and MasterCard, but there are some possible hurdles. Many credit card deposits incur bank fees, which can be avoided by using a debit card.

However, certain credit and debit card deposits might not work on the first try. b spot notes that a number of financial institutions allow real money wagering transactions without delay, Chase and Citi being two of the largest. It cited Bank of America as one that doesn’t allow real money wagering transactions at all, so keep that in mind.


If you have banking-related questions or any others, you can contact the company at (844) 462-7768 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time or use that customer support email address. Service agents are available 365 days a year.

So get online, place your bets and put the horse race in your hands!

b spot Review

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