Monday , January 22 2018

Extra Gambling Cash! b spot Introduces 2 Bonuses

b spot gives you 2 ways to earn extra gambing cash.

BONUS No. 1: The $10 Double Up
Deposit and wager $20, get a $10 bonus bet. You must use THIS link (we get $10 for referring you — win, win for both of us).

BONUS NO. 2: No bust b spot
If you’re in CA, OR, WY or MT…
Buy $20 or $40 wagers — that say “rebound bonus” — and you can’t lose. If you bust, b spot gives you back 85% of what it cost.

  • $20 gets you $17 back
  • $40 gets you $34 back

Good Luck and Win Big.

Terms apply, of course.

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